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Mixed Worksheet

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Mixed Worksheet

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1- I have got 2 sisters. ______ names are Emine and Müzeyyen. _________ are both married.

a) their / they b) their / we
c) her / they d) her / their

2- A: What is ______ telephone number?

B: ____ telephone number is 2573456.

a) your / your b) my / my
c) your / my d) your / your

3- A: What is ______ in your hand? B: It is ____ eraser.

a) these / an b) that / an
c) they / a d) this / a

4- A: What time is your English lesson? B: It is ____ 11.00 ___ Friday.

a) on / on b) at / at
c) in / on d) at / on

5- A: ______ father is a bus driver? B: Ayşe’s father is a bus driver.

a) Who b) whose
c) which d) what

6- I have got ____ fingers, _____ eyes and _____ ears.

a) ten / two / two b) five / two / three
c) ten / three / two d) six / two / three

7- There _____ any _____ in the glass.

a) isn’t / children b) aren’t / water
c) is / water d) isn’t / water

8- A: __________ brothers have you got? B: I ____ got a brother.

a) How many / has b) how much / have
c) how many / have d) how many / am

9- My brother is only eleven years old. So he ______ drive a car.

a) can b) is
c) can’t d) don’t

10- A: Is this dictionary Merve’s? B: Yes, it is ______.

a) her b) she
c) his d) hers

11- Ssssshhh…You ______ speak loudly in the hospital!

a) must b) mustn’t
c) can d) are

12- I _____ watch horror films because I don’t like horror films.

a) never b) always
c) sometimes d) often

13- A: When _____ your father go to work? B: He ____ to work at 7.00 in the morning.

a) does / go b) do / gos
c) do / goes d) does / goes

14- My father is _______ football but he ____ bad at volleyball.

a) good / is b) good at / is
c) bad at / is d) bad / isn’t

15- A: _________ do you brush your teeth? B: Three times a day.

a) how often b) when
c) what d) where

16- A: What time _____ your mother get up in the morning?

B: She usually ______up at 6.30 every morning.

a) does / gets b) do / get
c) does / get d) do / gets

17- A: Where is your father? A: He __________ news on TV in the living room.

a) is watching b) watches
c) is watch d) watch

18- A: What is the weather like in Istanbul today? B: It ________ in Istanbul today.

a) is sun b) is shine
c) sunny d) is sunny

19- We _____ to Antalya on our holiday every summer.

a) are go b) go
c) going to go d) are usually

20- Next year we _______________ English very well.

a) are speaking b) speak
c) are going to speak d) speaks

21- My friends and I are going to study English _______.

a) tomorrow b) usually
c) never d) sometimes

22- Mr. Roger is washing the __________ at the moment.

a) journalist b) news
c) homework d) dishes

23- Mr. Mehmet Ali Birand is a famous _______________.

a) footballer b) journalist
c) engineer d) actor

24- Mary is playing _____ her cat ____ the garden.

a) between / in b) on / on
c) with / in d) with / between

25- Every Friday, my mother __________ our house, but today I _________ the house.

a) clean / cleaning b) cleans / cleans
c) clean / clean d) cleans / am cleaning

A: I’m bored.

B: …………we go to cinema.

a) do b) are
c) have d) shall

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